KEEL 2016 X’mas special set


KEEL 2016 live-limited X’mas special set will be available at the venues during their “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” oneman tour  on December 23, 24 and 26 in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

The set will include:

・”UNDEAD BEAUTY” live-limited CD
・”Migration bootleg 2″ DVD
・KEEL 2016 muffler towel
・KEEL 2016 wristband
・KEEL 2016 X’mas card signed by members
・Special X’mas tote bag

Special items:

・special bolt ring accessory by ryo (see the photo below)
・special string package that aie used for lives and recording
・original brand mini towel by shuu
・drum head used by tomoi for lives and recording, signed by him

※ Number of special goods is limited.
※ You will get only 1 of the special goods randomly.
※ There are also some sets with no special goods.
※ There are wristbands with red and white band logo.

Price: 15 000 ¥ for 1 set

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KEEL “UNDEAD BEAUTY” & “Migration Bootleg 2” details

Лайв-лимитный CD KEEL “UNDEAD BEAUTY” будет доступен в лайвхаусах во время их ванман-тура “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” 23, 24 и 26 декабря и будет включать 5 песен.

KEEL “UNDEAD BEAUTY” live-limited CD will be available at the venues during the “UNDEAD BEAUTIES” oneman tour  on Deecember 23, 24 and 26 and will include 5 songs.

M1. 人型
M2. 接吻
M3. bring me reason
M4. 禁忌
M5. 水辺の君に

2500¥(tax out)


Также группа анонсировала выход второго DVD “Migration Bootleg 2”, который будет включать запись ванман-лайва группы от 16/07/2016, лайвы тура “MAD MAN’S BLUES” и комментарии участников.

The second DVD of the band “Migration Bootleg 2” is announced to include video from their oneman live on 16/07/2016, “MAD MAN’S BLUES” tour and comments of the members.

4000¥(tax in)