HIGH FASHION PARALYZE – 「MA&MA&MA 」was available for purchase at the live venues during their MA&MA&MA tour in October 2015. This deluxe edition included: CD (3 songs); photo&interview book; 3 lyric cards; fukuwarai game. The original price was 3000 yen.


The CD and all the extras go in the tall case. If you wondered all this time what MA&MA&MA stands for, then when you open the box, on the right side you will discover「間と魔と真」kanji. 間 (ma) is for “space”,  魔 (ma) is for “evil spirit” and 真 (ma)  is for “truth”.

The booklet was designed by studio zoisite. They were also responsible for the photo shooting and did a really great job. Regarding the octopus used for the shooting they mentioned the following:

Early morning we bought a tako (octopus) at the Tsukiji fish market and brought it to the studio… After the shooting we boiled it and ate with basil dressing. That was tasty. Takos from Tsukiji are unique (c) zoisite.co.jp

The booklet is full color16 pages total. Here are some of them:

By the way, later a CD only edition was available from zoisite shop for 1620 yen only, for those who could not join the tour and wanted to get the CD at least. At the moment both deluxe and CD-only editions are sold out and considered to be quite rare.

The lyric cards are also beautiful. I like the right one the most.

And the last piece is the fukuwarai game, which must be really fun to play, but I am not going to try and will keep it in my collection as it is.


Thanks for coming by, here is also the video I made, if you feel like checking the rest of the booklet pages:




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