kein – January 1999 [photosets]


Recently I managed to collect all (?) 3 kein photosets of January 1999 photo shooting, which is actually my favourite one. So here I am going to show them in details as there are few interesting points.

The first thing you notice when looking at these photos is definitely the absence of Ruka in the first photoset. This can be explained by the fact that in January of 1999 he has just joined the band and probably had a status of a support member for some time. So there are two versions of the coupling photo as well.

At first I thought that the second and the third photosets are just the same except for missing of the coupling photo, but when I looked closer I noticed few mismatches. Poses of Yukino and Ruka are slightly different. The pose of Reo looks exactly the same, but the second photo seems to be cut in a different way, if you look at his legs.

Mako and Hibiki seem to be just the same. I have no idea why they released two similar photosets with only a part of the photos different, but I am happy to get them both. I also know there’s another coupling photo with Ruka which was distributed separately and hope to find it one day too.


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