gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy announced their 2-man live with HOLLOWGRAM on July 20 at Takadanobaba PHASE:


On May 21 gibkiy  gibkiy gibkiy, Közi and Yukiya Fujita held their「the dark side of the monochrome」tour final live at Zirco Tokyo. Setlist:

1. 掌る肉
2. 劇中劇
3. 嫋嫋たる対象
4. 箍を外す場合、穴に群れる具合
5. 形状において歪な、または不自然な
6. spoiled me
7. 形の無い、何よりも、愛したのは、お前だけが
8. 脳内に


Kazuma and JACK SPOOKY on 2016/5/21.

Next lives of gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy:

2016/06/23 @ Shimokitazawa CLUB Que
2016/07/01 @ Ikebukuro CHOP
2016/07/07 @ Nagoya ell.SIZE
2016/07/08 @ Osaka FANJ
2016/07/20 @ Takadanobaba PHASE


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