CLiCK FILE. 1, 2, 3, 4 (1999-2000)


Another review I’d like to make is going to be about Japanese visual magazine CLiCK.  Personally I couldn’t find any information about it on the internet, so it seems to be quite rare. Once I came by CLiCK FILE. 3 at one of Japanese auctions and was surprised to see my favourite band (kein) on the cover. The price was about 300-500 yen, so I bought it immediately. Later I was surprised even more because the magazine included some really cool and rare photos I haven’t seen anywhere else before. So I started searching for some other issues, but all I managed to find were these 4 pieces. Although in the 4th issue there’s an announcement about the next one, seems like it had never been released and the publication stopped. Here I’m going to show only some of the pages with kein, Lamiel and Merry Go Round.


The cover of each magazine is two-sided. Here we have Raphael on the front and Lamiel on the back. The best thing about CLiCK is that they used to place on the cover some indie bands which rarely (or never) appeared on the covers of any other visual magazines.

This issue includes a big 7-pages interview of Lamiel. Although we can see Hiderou and Toki on the cover and other photos inside, the interview was done with Yuina, Akira, aie and Ruka (previous bassist) who left the band and joined kein shortly after. By the way, FILE.1 is smaller than the next issues.


Artists on the cover are Aliene Ma’riage and pleur.

This one includes 12 pages of huge kein interview filled with really gorgeous photos.

There are also some nice photos of Phobia and young Takamasa (still in Lady).


My favourite one. Beautiful high-quality photo of Mako on the cover is just breathtaking. On the other side there’s Shiver.

Here we have 23 (!) pages about kein, including questionnaires of the members, Mako personal interview and kein + Orphee interview (without Mako).


Merry Go Round and S on the sides of the cover.

14 pages of Kazuma & Hideno interviewquestionnaires, comments to 「REDDISH COLLECTORS NO DEAD ARTISTS」album and some really great photos.

There’s also an interview with Reo, some live photos of kein, members’ tour diaries and comments to 「朦朧の実」CD (11 pages total).

That’s it.

If you are interested to see pages of some other artists (lists of which you can see on the covers) feel free to contact me.



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