My first review is going to be about SILENT GARDEN I LONDON book by studio ZOISite which contains photographs of London’s cemeteries by Reiko Arakawa and words by Mako (deadman).


The book was released in 2002. It’s monochrome, 96 pages, has a dust jacket cover with silver letters and a slightly visible black cross on it.


On the first page of my book there is a big sign by Mako written with a silver pen.


This book is considered to be quite rare. It is no longer available for purchase and can be found only at auctions or shops of used stuff. However, you can rarely find it even there. Its original price was about 1000-2000 yen, but if you are lucky enough to find it at some auction you might be surprised to see how high the final price can be. Few months ago I saw one copy sold on yahoo auction for 15 500 yen after 24 bids, which is quite crazy.

Here are some of the pages from the book.


Credits on the last page.


Photographs: 荒川れいこ (Arakawa Reiko)
Words: 眞呼 (Mako) (deadman)
Design: 安永恭子 (Yasunaga Kyoko)
Edition and publication: studio ZOISite
Places of shooting: Kensal Green Cemetery, Brompton Cemetery


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